Message from the CEO

Central Japan International Airport, or Centrair, was inaugurated in 2005 as Japan’s first private airport to meet the growing demand by the regional community. Since the inauguration, Centrair has maintained focus on the airport safety/security and the customer convenience to “achieve extensive flight network” and to “become an entertaining airport loved by the locals”.

To secure the safety of the customers and continue to gain trust from all the stakeholders, we will ensure that the airport Safety Management System (SMS) works effectively throughout the airport at all times while we address the positive changes in scale and quality that Centrair aims to achieve in the coming years.

In order to achieve extensive flight network, we work closely with local governments and business associations to promote air services to/from Centrair. As a result of such region-wide efforts, we successfully achieved a number of new passenger flights and increased frequencies, particularly to/from destinations in Asia. Centrair continues to focus on the “Shoryudo Project” (a tourism promotion project led by 9 prefectures in Central Japan) and “LCC operations” as the key engines for the airport’s growth, which is vital for the successful development of flight network that offers flexibility and convenience to our customers.

We are also committed to strengthening the cargo network since our mission as an airport is to provide infrastructure to the region’s key industries, such as aircraft parts and agricultural products.

As the inbound tourism to Japan by international visitors is increasing in recent years, we must ensure that appropriate measures are taken to meet the diverse needs of the customers from home and abroad, including making improvements in the airport facility and services.

Since the airport inauguration, Centrair has maintained strong commitment to the Customer Satisfaction. We work with all the stakeholders and their staff members to ensure the excellence in customer service throughout the airport. As a result of our hard work, Centrair won “The World's Best Regional Airport” award from SKYTRAX in 2015, along with two other awards: “Best Regional Airport - Asia” for 5 consecutive years and “Best Airport: 5-10 million passengers per year”. We will continue to improve our customer service to become the airport of choice in Japan by leveraging partnership with all related parties. We will also make sure to seize the right opportunity for the necessary facility improvements.

Commercial development is also an integral part of our business. We will ensure strategic facility planning by renovating existing floor space in the terminal and by expanding duty free shops and other services to continue to attract airport visitors, including the international customers. We will also make our best effort to create a unique, entertaining environment in the airport.
Further, we will continue to seek new business opportunities by actively building partnership across all business sectors, including companies running business in Central Japan Airport City area, which is a new commercial zone currently under development.

Following the steady progress over the last 10 years, Centrair and its staff members are ready to make a new start to further enhance contribution to the regional economy and to play a major infrastructural role to support Japan’s sustainable growth.

Thank you for your continued support to Centrair. We look forward to serving you.

Masanao Tomozoe
President & CEO
Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd.