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Factory tours in the Chubu region

By NGUYEN Hang Anh. Posted on February 26, 2015

Japan has long been famous not only for many traditional places and great sightseeing but also for advanced technology. Therefore, if you are planning to spend a little bit more time in this beautiful country, why not trying some interesting factory tours in the Chubu region? All you need to do is to search for tours listed on company website and book a suitable date by phone. The downside is that some websites might not provide English guidance. 

One of the most popular tours is a plant tour and visit to Toyota Kaikan Museum. With a group (or a combined group) of 40 people, a tour guide will take you around the factory and explain some important parts of the production chain. It is definitely a good chance to see how automated and innovative the company is. Unfortunately, taking photos is forbidden during the tour. If you wish to visit only the museum, it is not necessary to book for a tour. The museum is open every day (except Sundays and the company's holidays). Besides the collection of Toyota cars, the museum also exhibits Toyota's technological improvement and continuous efforts in environmental protection.

Toyota 0.JPGToyota 01.JPGToyota 1.JPGToyota 2.JPGToyota 3.JPGToyota 4.JPGToyota 5.JPGToyota 6.JPGThe tour might take only half a day, so a combination with another tour can be a good idea. There are a lot of food-and-drink factories in Chubu region, like Yakult, the Morinaga Chukyo factory, and Asahi Breweries. Most of the factories provide three-hour trip for tourists, both individual and in groups, full of information about the companies' histories, development, and actual production chains. Visitors might also get the opportunity to taste these factories' products.

Yakult 1.JPGOne thing to remember is that taking photos in these factories is restricted and sometimes forbidden. However, factory tours are still wonderful experiences to have in Japan.




Hang Anh is studying economics as a second year student in Nagoya University. She likes exploring Japanese culture.

* Disclaimer: Japan Travel Nagoya Chubu does not gaurantee that the information on this website is accurate and up to date.

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