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Japanese Apricot Flower Festival 2016 Ume-Matsuri 名城公園梅まつり

Japan Travel - Nagoya, Chubu
Posted on February 4, 2016
Everyone should have heard about the famous Japanese cherry blossom (sakura) but very few know about the Japanese plum (ume, also known as Japanese apricot). Usually the flowering of the Japanese plum is considered as the starting of spring. There are a variety of flowers and their fragrance is very pleasant. One of the most famous places to view this is Mejio Koen. Every year during the first week of February, they display a number of plum trees that are in full blossom. They even have bonsai plums, some of which are as old as 10 years. Interested people can also buy some of these small, beautiful trees.
★Duration: Feb. 4th to Feb. 7th
★Website: http://www.meijyo-fp.com/artis-cms/cms-files/20160105-103041-1851.pdf (Japanese)
★Access: Get off at Meijo Koen Sta. on the Meijo Subway Line. Take exit 2 and walk to the west for approximately 3 minutes.
Photos & report by Shroff Bharath Bhagavan
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