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One of the World's Three Greatest Dinosaur Museums in Chubu Region

Japan Travel - Nagoya, Chubu
Posted on March 17, 2016

Located in the city of Katsuyama, Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum has rare replicas of skeletons and original fossils from the well-recognized dinosaur sites in the world. It has more than 40 dinosaur skeletons on display together with excellent English explanations, and it has a small exhibitions about the history of life and the earth science. This is the only one dinosaur museum that has a dinosaur evolutionary tree (taxonomy) on the big wall. The museum also includes research facilities, where you can see how researchers isolate fossils from behind a glass window and allow all visitors to pick up and hold real fossils. (*゚▽゚)ノ

From Fukui Station, take the Echizen Railway to its terminal station, Katsuyama Station . At Katsuyama Station, transfer to a community bus bound for Mizubasho. Get off at the Kyoryu Hakubutsukan-mae (恐竜博物館前) bus stop in front of the museum.
★Website: http://www.dinosaur.pref.fukui.jp/en/
★Fee: Primary or secondary school students 260 yen, high school or college students: 410 yen, adults: 720 yen

Photos & report by Enkhee Purev
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