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The Journey of an Innocent Soul

By Jednneth M. Villaranda. Posted on September 27, 2013

As our journey started, I was so amazed and stunned with what I saw along the way. Central Japan was such a very beautiful place, with so many hidden beautiful spots to discover, unveil and develop.

Touring within the area of Hida, Tateyama, Matsumoto and Magome in Gifu prefecture gave me a heart-melting and breathtaking experience, as it not only gave me the chance to see for myself the beauty of these places, but it also allowed me to meet local Japanese people who were very friendly and accommodating, and who were devoted to sustaining and preserving Japan's pride.

Hida Furukawa

The first day of our trip was in the town of Hida Furukawa. As soon as my companion and I started our tour, i was amazed by what we discovered. There were lots of establishments and shops in the town selling different kind of things, food and even beverages. I was also given the chance to meet a high-ranking sake maker and the owner of the establishment, who was so hospitable.

We also visited a candle-maker's shop where they made candles in a traditional and unique way. At their museum, I was given the chance to watch a documentary movie on how the town celebrated their festival. It was indeed heart-warming. I was so touched by how the people of Hida devote themselves to make the festival successful. I even got the chance to see with my very own eyes the floats they use when celebrating the most prestigious festival in the town, as well as the handmade crafts made by a famous craftsman in the town of Hida.

Sake Brewery

Matsuri Kaikan

Our first day of the trip ended with a delicious Japanese meal in a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Toyama Bay Sushi at Sasaki

The second day of our trip was also great. We went to Tateyama Kurobe, where I was able to experience winter during the summer season. As the place was located approximately 2000 m above sea level, anyone should expect cold temperatures even when it isn't winter. I was also amazed by the means of transportation when we visited the place. It was my first time riding a cable car that gave me a panoramic view of the scenery. Again, it was a heart-warming experience for someone like me who longs to see the whatever beautiful creations of God are within my reach. It was very much heaven on earth.


Cable Car at Kurobedaira

The last day of our trip was spent in Matsumoto and Magome. My heart leapt when I saw one of Japan's oldest national treasures, Matsumoto Castle. I was mesmerized by its beauty and tranquility in the heart of the town. I was even glad when we were given the chance to tour around the town and discover how wonderful and peaceful the place was.

Matsumoto Castle

Magome was a beautiful place. If you walk all the way to the top of the hill, you are treated to a magnificent view of the landscape.


The places we'd been, for me, were not only perfect examples of the Japanese countryside where the Japanese soul and culture originate, but they were also perfect places for communing with nature. Since they have co-existed with the native Japanese people, who have preserved the ecosystem and history of these areas through their hard work, dedication and determination, I would say that "paradise " is the best word to describe these places.

Undeniably, the three-day trip was quite tiring, but I would say it was all worth it. From the transportation and food to the indescribable feeling of beauty, i would say it has been one of the most unforgettable experiences I have had in all my years of existence.

This trip gave me the chance to discover for myself how magnificent and wonderful Central Japan was and how the people work to preserve their own culture and traditions. It was very good to know that in spite of how busy Japanese people are and despite how progressive the country is, the government and ordinary residents are really working to develop the country more without destroying the environment and ecosystem itself. Indeed, Central Japan and Japan as a whole hold many amazing and beautiful treasures to discover.


Jednneth M. Villaranda

Jednneth M. Villaranda is a Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology graduate in Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan ( Philippines ). She used to work in Dubai as an Administrative Assistant for almost 3 years but decided to give up her career and chosed to settle in Japan. She loves reading books of her interest during her spare time. She also love travelling and enjoy experimenting dishes to cook. She's a music lover too.

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