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By High-Speed Boat

Catch a high-speed boat that travels to Tsu daily.
Access can be made to the boat's boarding point from the Access Plaza via connecting passage, linking the berth to the Passenger Terminal Building (about a 15-minute walking distance).
The estimated time required to transfer from the high-speed boat berth to the airplane is two hours for international flights, and one hour for domestic flights.

Boat Route Diagram

Boat Routes: Details

First Trip
of the Day
Last Trip
of the Day
Number of
Transit Time
Tsu (Nagisamachi) ⇔
Central Japan International Airport
To the
45 min.
2,470 yen
From the

Please check the Tsu Airport Line website for details on traveling by high-speed boat.

Tsu Airport Line

[Service Begins October 1st] Shortest Route From Centrair to Ise Now Extended to Toba!

This extension is provided by an express bus service which works in conjunction with the high-speed ferry connecting Centrair and Tsu City. This bus provides service to Kintetsu Iseshi Station, where Ise Jingu Grand Shrine(Geku/Naiku) is located, as well as Toba City, in which many hotels are located. A set ticket for both the ferry and bus is available as well which is both convenient and economical.

To ISE:Adult 3,200yen/Child 1,600yen
To TOBA:Adult 3,500yen/Child 1,750yen*Set ticket
〔Required Time〕To ISE:2hr ToTOBA :2hr30min.

Travel on High-Speed Boat and the Jingu Limousine Bus

Berth Information

The berth and Passenger Terminal Building are linked by a connecting passage.
Use the connecting passage from the Access Plaza to go to the boarding point (about a 15-minute walk).


Tsu Airport Line website

Tsu Airport Line

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