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Parking Information

A parking lot is available that directly connects to the Terminal Building of Central Japan International Airport. This parking lot is open 24 hours a day and has a capacity of 5,800 vehicles. The furthest temporary parking lot is about 10 minutes' walking distance from the Terminal Building.

Parking Fees

Get information on long-term parking discounts and the various systems available to save money on parking, as well as how to pay for your parking fees.

Parking Map

You'll save a lot of time by checking this access diagram of the parking lots before coming to Central Japan International Airport.

Parking Reservations

See how to reserve a parking space at Central Japan International Airport via our website or by telephone.

Parking Restrictions and Notices

Review this list of things you should be aware of when using the Central Japan International Airport parking lots, before you arrive.

For the Handicapped

Review the information on parking spaces and discounts for the disabled.

For the Handicapped

Parking Lot Contact Information

Centrair Telephone Center

TEL: +81-569-38-1195
Hours of operation: 6:40 - 22:00, open 365 days a year

Central Japan International Airport General Parking Lot: Management Regulations

Central Japan International Airport General Parking Lot: Management Regulations (in Japanese) (PDF: 74KB)

Central Japan International Airport Temporary Parking Lot: Management Regulations (in Japanese) (PDF: 43KB)

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