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Tourism Smartphone App "NAVIGATE SHORYUDO"

A tourism navigation smartphone app, "NAVIGATE SHORYUDO", will be launched on March 31, 2015 as a form of "omotenashi" for foreign tourists. The app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store, is compatible with iOS and Android.


NAVIGATE SHORYUDO is a free smartphone app that introduces detailed tourist spots in the Shoryudo area to foreign tourists who arrived at Centrair. Detailed services are provided, such as route search / guidance, voice guidance, and information on recommended itineraries.

1. Multifunctional route search and enhanced navigation function

・Original illustrated maps are used. GPS can display current location.
・Can display route on the map when destination is set.
・Access by car, public transportation or on foot, according to individual needs.

2. Provision of ample travel information on tourist spots and restaurants

・Major tourist spots and recommended local eateries are displayed on the map.
・Detailed information of each spot (opening hours, holidays, prices, etc.) can be viewed.

3. Voice guidance function

・Voice guidance function in Japanese and English. Guidance is automatically given when the user is close to the target spot.

4. Multilingual response

・The interface, including the menu buttons, are available in five languages (Japanese, English, Korean, traditional and simplified Chinese).
・The locations on the map (tourist spots and restaurants) can be displayed in Japanese or English.


・The "SHORYUDO WELCOME CARD" coupon which can be used at more than 600 stores in SHORYUDO area newly arrives!
・The offers redeemable with this welcome card only apply to non-Japanese tourists.
・About the details of the SHORYUDO WELCOME CARD please refer to the following page.