Centrair Bon-odori

Centrair Bon-odori -- the bon-odori dance festival that's closest to airplanes -- is happening again this year! This event has much fun in store for participants, including special surprises for dancers who come dressed in summery yukata robes. Join us at Centrair Bon-odori, a mainstay of summer at Chubu Centrair International Airport, and make some summer memories that will last forever!

Date: Sat 22 and Sun 23 July, 2017 18:30~20:00 Location: Chubu Centrair International Airport 'Skydeck'(Observation Deck) 4F

What is Bon Dance?

The Bon dance, is a traditional Japanese dence that takes place during Obon.※ In combination with live performances of traditional Japanese instruments like "taiko" and "shamisen",people dance to traditional folk songs and local original music. Many people wear "yukata", which is very similar to a kimono, when they dance.
※Obon is an event in Japan where people welcome the spirits of their ancestors.

Sayuri Hamaguri

Sayuri Hamaguri Japan-Taiwan Appeal Discovery Ambassador

Making use of her language abilities and the international awareness that she gained through studies abroad in China and Taiwan, Sayuri Hamaguri is active as an emcee host and media performer in both Japan and Taiwan. She was selected from among many to be a member of Chita Musume, an idol unit that hails from Centrair's home of Chita Peninsula. She also serves as the tourism ambassador for the city of Chita.

Facebook:小百合 Sayuri /Instagram :@sayuring1006