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A New Service Selling Japan's Excellent, Fresh Foods
For Passengers Departing Centrair to Fly Overseas
"Centrair OISHII Premium Selection"

◆What is the Centrair OISHII Premium Selection?

Centrair OISHII Premium Selection is a Centrair original brand created to raise awareness of Japan's most excellent foods among international travelers. The brand name combines the Japanese word "oishii," which has become well known in recent years due to the Japanese cuisine boom, with the phrase "premium selection," which means that we select only the best items for the brand. We believe this gives an easily understandable, Japanese feel for the brand to our foreign guests.

*Only passengers departing from Centrair for countries allowing the import of food may use this service.

Sales Floor Information

Sales Floor Information

centrair OISHII premium selection SHOP

location:Terminal Building International Departure on 3rd Floor
Shop hours:7:00~21:30 365 days

Fruit and other items are available for customers to see and select before buying. Our staff will provide information concerning eligible coutries for the food imports so that our customers can make their purchases with peace of mind.

* Only passengers departing Japan from Centrair for countries allowing the import of food may use this service.

Product Information

* Available goods and the prices of those goods are subject to change due to season and stock status.
* Prices listed here are current as of April 10th, 2017. For more information, please ask at the store counter.

.Matsusaka Beef

  • Year-Round Sales
  • Produced in MIE

One of the most prominent brands of Japanese Wagyu Beef - "Matsusaka Beef" from Mie Prefecture.

Sirloin 200g x 3 slices for steak 18,000 JPY(tax free)
Chuck 600g thinly sliced meat for Sukiyaki;18,000 JPY(tax free)
Sirloin 200g x 1 sliece for steak;6,500 JPY(tax free)
【NEW】 Chuck 400g thinly sliced meat for Yakiniku;12,000 JPY(tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:SINGAPORE

."Mangetsu"Fresh Eggs

  • Year-Round Sales
  • Produced in AICHI

Exclusively produced by an egg maker on selected farms in Aichi, these eggs are laid by chickens who have been fed a special, nutrient dense diet and have a rich flavor.

"Mangetsu"Fresh Eggs 24 eggs / box 1,300 JPY(tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:SINGAPORE

."Ise ebi" Japanese spiny lobster

  • Year-Round Sales
  • Produced in MIE

Raised in prosperous and nutrient dense waters, the characteristic sweetness of the meat grows as you chew. These are high-quality spiny lobsters.

Frozen lobster(200~250g) 5,000 JPY(tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:SINGAPORE・HONG KONG・TAIWAN・MALAYSIA・EU

.Japanese spicy pollack roe From HAKATA restaurant “CHIKAE”

  • Year-Round Sales
  • Produced in FUKUOKA

Japanese spicy pollack roe from “CHIKAE” restaurant in HAKATA are made with carefully selected ingredients and special recipe, like other products served by their main restaurant in Hakata. The following 4 ingredients - "cod roe", "sake (Japanese rice wine)","dried bonito" and "red pepper" - are particularly important to make the product the best of its kind.

Japanese spicy pollack roe (222g/box) 3,000JPY(tax free)
              (370g/box) 5,000JPY(tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:TAIWAN・HONG KONG・MALAYSIA・EU

.Echizen Gani Crab

  • Seasonal Product
  • Produced in FUKUI

The king of flavor in winter food "Echizen Crab" was landed in Fukui nationwide, the male snow crab called "Zuwai-gani" fact.   The crabs long leg which is the feature of male snow crab is filled with a body with the delicate and faint sweetness closely. The crab key which has the thick good body is included much in the shell. The female crab " SEIKO" is the egg in the stomach by far the most, and the food texture Sotoko who sees from outside made petite petite is the feature. Vivid vermilion group Uchiko in the shell is called "red timetable", and there are a sense of touch by teeth done with HO KURI and flavor which melts, and it's valued highly in particular between the gourmet and is popular.

Male snow crab (frozen, 500~600g)  18,000 JPY (tax free)
Female snow crab "SEIKO" (frozen, 40g)  1,500 JPY (tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:HONG KONG・MALAYSIA・EU

※In addition to the above, only female snow crabs can be exported to TAIWAN.


  • Year-Round Sales
  • Produced in SHIZUOKA

This melon has been "crowned" with the highest honors among muskmelon varieties, which are known as the kings of fruit. Each and every fruit is carefully cultivated with the know-how that comes from many years of traditional cultivation techniques.

One whole melon (1.3kg or more) 7,000 JPY(tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:SINGAPORE・HONG KONG・MALAYSIA・CANADA・UAE・EU・Swithzerland

."Kakiteruhime" Dried Persimmons

  • Year-Round Sales
  • Produced in NAGANO

"Kakiteruhime," dried persimmons which can be stored at room temperature. The gentle, sweet flavor of these dried fruits has been produced without coloring agents or preservatives. They are characterized by their refined sweetness and juicy deliciousness.

5 pieces / box 1,500 JPY(tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:HONG KONG・SINGAPORE・MALAYSIA・UAE・EU・Switzerland・NORWAY・USA・CANADA・BRAZIL

."Sun Berry Gamagori Strawberries","Hana-Kagari Strawberries","Red Pearl Strawberries"

  • Seasonal Pruduct

Seasonal spotlight: Fresh strawberries from Aichi, Gifu and Mie areas (Please note that these are limited-time offers and may run out of stock quickly.)

“Sun Berry Gamagori” Strawberries from Aichi
Large strawberries grown in Gamagori City, Aichi, with two brand types "Akihime" and "Yumenoka".
“Hana-Kagari” Strawberries from Gifu
Strawberries newly developed in Gifu since 2016. Known for the large-size, extremely juicy flesh.
“Red Pearl” Strawberries from Mie
Red Pearl strawberries are often referred to as  “red jewelry from Shima”. They are large in size, rich in flavor and have perfect balance of sweet-sour taste.

"Sun Berry Gamagori Strawberries" 1box 3,500 JPY (tax free)
"Hana-Kagari Strawberries" 1box 3,500 JPY (tax free)
"Red Pearl Strawberries" 1box 4,200 JPY (tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:SINGAPORE・HONG KONG・MALAYSIA・South KOREA・UAE



  • Seasonal Product
  • Produced in GIFU

Fuyu-persimmon is harvested when it has enough sweet. Therefore, the softness does nothing to do with the sweetness of fruit. Fuyu-persimmon is harder right after it harvest, but it becomes slightly soft and easier to eat after a week. Please choose persimmon of your favorite hardness.

Fuyu-persimmon 6 pieces / box 3,500JPY (tax free)

Coutries eligible to import this product:SINGAPORE・MALAYSIA・HONG KONG・UAE・CANADA・Norway

information on the sales floor

centrair OISHII premium selection SHOP

location:Terminal Building International Departure on 3rd Floor
Shop Hours:7:00~21:30 365days

Notice Concerning the Purchase of These Products

  • Only customers who are flying directly to a country which allows the import of food products, or those who are flying through another country but do not plan to disembark until their final destination country, may use this service.
  • In the case of a connecting flight in another country, the passenger may not enter in that country, or, if they do, must not open the seal on the product while there. Please follow all local rules concerning the carrying of items in your connecting country.
  • Maximum purchasable items: The purchase quantity must be within the guidelines set by the airline with which the passenger is flying.

Reserving/Setting Aside of Products

Please use the contact information below to inquire about reserving items.
centrair OISHII premium selection

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