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Air Cargo

The Central Japan has attracted Japan's leading manufacturing companies, and air cargo activity bound for all directions takes place day and night. As a hub for air cargo, Central Japan International Airport facilitates that activity in an expeditious manner, and is regarded by users as an outstanding airport when it comes to cost and convenience.

Fly Centrair Cargo

Fly Centrair Cargo is an initiative by the Central Japan International Airport Promotion Council to unite all the industries of the region for the purposes of establishing consistent flights to and from the airport, increasing flights and increasing the scale of air cargo, as well as establishing new flight routes.

"Fly Centrair Cargo" at the Central Japan International Airport Promotion Council (in Japanese)

Global Network

This page provides information on Central Japan International Airport’s global cargo flight network.
This page also provides a cargo flight schedule for your reference.

The “Centrair Advantage”

This section showcases the advantages of Central Japan International Airport and the competitive distribution it enables. Please consider how you can use our airport to your own advantage.

  • Speedy pickup and distribution to all of Japan
  • The only comprehensive bonded zone at an airport in Japan

Facility Overview and Access

This page provides an overview of the Cargo Zone and information on Cargo Zone access.
It also showcases some of the ways the cargo facilities at Central Japan International Airport improve convenience.

Major Fees and Support Systems

Information on the major fees required for air cargo and the support systems available.

Statistical Data

This page provides statistical data on air cargo at Central Japan International Airport.

  • Potential demand for international air cargo in Central Japan
  • Air cargo handling statistics
  • Central Japan International Airport  Centrair

    Corporate website of Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd., which manages Centrair