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Highly Convenient Cargo Facilities

This page showcases the numerous innovative solutions incorporated into the cargo facilities at Central Japan International Airport.

International Cargo Warehouse

Rainwater is the nemesis of cargo. At Central Japan International Airport, you can avoid damage to cargo during loading and unloading with 20-meter eaves that can cover 10-tonne trucks. Our warehouses are also free of support columns and steps, so cargo can be placed anywhere and forklifts can be operated safely.

Truck Parking Areas

In order to speed up cargo shipping and avoid truck congestion, Central Japan International Airport offers sufficiently wide truck lanes, as well as Truck Parking Areas in front of warehouses to eliminate truck congestion in front of warehouses.

Non-Numbered Vehicle Lanes

We have established Non-numbered Vehicle Lanes in the Cargo Zone and Aichi Public Enterprise Bureau General Distribution District, and we maintain an intact transport*¹ environment between International Cargo Warehouse and Forwarder Warehouses for use by towing tractors*² and dollies*³.

*¹ Intact transport: Transport and loading air cargo from the forwarder’s (cargo agent) facilities to the cargo plane while it remains packaged on ULDs (unit load devices). Also, the transfer of cargo unloaded from aircraft to the forwarder’s facilities while it remains packaged on ULDs.
*² Towing tractor: A special truck for pulling a dolly
*³ Dolly: A special trailer for moving containers and palettes on the ground

Fumigation Facilities

We have two fumigation bays that serve as facilities for killing pests that arrive with imported goods. By providing two bays, we are able to ensure minimal waiting times for fumigation. We are also able to offer lower fumigation charges and an easy-to-use environment.

Cargo Offices

Our Cargo Offices are situated right by our International Cargo Warehouse and Cargo Clearance Center to facilitate rapid import and export procedures. We also offer numerous types of offices and conference rooms, both big and small.

Convenient Facilities Located within the Cargo Zone

We offer a handy convenience store as well as a Truck Station for the convenience of all truckers within the Cargo Zone at Central Japan International Airport. At the Truck Station, we offer free parking, free fax services, televisions, coin-operated massage chairs, coin-operated laundry machines, and other amenities.

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