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A Customer-Oriented Airport

All Convenience Facilities Directly Connected to the Passenger Terminal Building

The train station, parking lots, airport hotel, and other facilities have a centralized arrangement connecting directly to the Passenger Terminal Building. Visitors can find their way to their destination easily and without getting lost.

A Compact, Easy-to-Understand Terminal Layout with Short Walking Distances

Our visitors have found our compact and functional terminal to be highly satisfactory. Not only does our airport fulfill the air travel demand of Central Japan, but it also takes advantage of its numerous domestic flight routes to serve as a bridge between the world and locations all across Japan.

A Convenient Terminal Thanks to Its T-Shaped Layout

The same terminal serves both international and domestic flights, and with a T-shaped design that minimizes walking distance, our airport offers great convenience for passengers making connecting flights.

Competitive Minimum Connecting Time (MCT)

International to Domestic
Domestic to International
International to International
75 minutes
70 minutes
60 minutes

Universal Design

The Terminal Building incorporates cutting-edge universal design principles. We've listened to feedback from people with physical handicaps, people with academic credentials and the general public, in order to design an airport that is pleasant and safe for all visitors. In 2007, we received a Prime Minister Prize as a Barrier-Free Promotion Company of Merit.

Central Japan International Airport's Universal Design

Providing Pleasant Spaces to Spend Time before Boarding

Passengers can enjoy their pre-boarding time in the boarding gate waiting area in comfort thanks to the computer desks and children's play areas here, as well as our free wireless LAN services.

Computer desk (equipped with 100V AC power sockets)  Computer desk (equipped with 100V AC power sockets)
Computer desk (equipped with 100V AC power sockets)  Computer desk (equipped with 100V AC power sockets)
Children's play area Children's play area

Baggage Return Times: Rapid Response Implemented

Central Japan International Airport has been implementing activities based on quality controls methods to cut down the time it takes for passengers to receive their baggage, through cooperation with airlines and baggage handling companies. The amount of time it takes to return baggage has an effect on connection times. By succeeding in our efforts to shorten baggage return times, we have made Central Japan International Airport the speediest airport for connections in Japan.

Baggage Return Times: Rapid Response Implemented Baggage Return Times: Rapid Response Implemented

Outstanding Customer Service

We launched an internal Customer Satisfaction Promotion Committee in 2002, prior to the airport's opening. Since the airport’s opening, we have been engaged in cross-departmental sharing of customer satisfaction data, improvement case studies, and other information between the various people involved at our airport, and we have established a Customer Satisfaction Airport Liaison Committee in order to improve customer satisfaction for the entire airport. With the goal of becoming number-one worldwide in customer satisfaction, we are endeavoring to improve the level of customer satisfaction while responding in a prompt and proper manner to all feedback we receive from visitors. Our outstanding customer service has been widely acknowledged, and we have received numerous awards since the opening of the airport.

Aiming to Provide the World's Best Customer Satisfaction

Outstanding Customer Service


Please do not hesitate to contact us about offering flights to and from our airport.


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