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Key Information

Our Facilities Make the Difference

We offer a full range of commercial facilities inside the airport, including shops that domestic local, Japanese and global products as well as restaurants, massage and spa facilities, art galleries, and more.

Location and Access

Situated in the middle of Japan, Central Japan International Airport provides incredibly convenient access to all parts of Japan. The Shinkansen bullet train from Nagoya station offers direct service from Nagoya to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto without transfers.

Airport Overview

This page provides an overview of Central Japan International Airport, an international airport that operates 24 hours a day with permanent customs, immigration and quarantine facilities, and its related organizations.

Market Statistics

This page provides population, GDP, and other market statistics on Central Japan.

Global Companies in Central Japan

Global Companies in Central Japan

An impressive number of world-class company headquarters and factories are located in Central Japan, which is characterized as the industrial heartland of Japan.

Related Information

Our Flight Network

Central Japan International Airport offers access to all parts of the globe through connections to overseas airports.

Flight Information

Airlines Serving Our Airport

This page provides information on the airlines that serve our airport.

Airline Information

Usage Statistics

This section provides airport usage statistics from 2004 up to this year.

Central Japan International Airport Usage Statistics (in Japanese)

Environmental Activities

Central Japan International Airport is aspiring to become an environmentally advanced airport. From the basic concept stage to the planning and construction stage, and even leading up to today's administration stage, we are making efforts towards decreasing the burden on the environment.

Environmental Activities

Aiming to Provide the World's Best Customer Satisfaction

At Central Japan International Airport, we are endeavoring to increase customer satisfaction awareness among all airport personnel by developing customer satisfaction training campaigns through our Customer Satisfaction Airport Liaison Committee, an organization associated with the airport.

Aiming to Provide the World's Best Customer Satisfaction

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