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Airport Features

Central Japan International Airport is actively accepting business jet flights to Japan.

A System Centered on the Airport Corporation

At Central Japan International Airport, our airport corporation coordinates partnerships with aviation agencies and other organizations by participating in operational support, enabling hassle-free and flexible flight services for business jets.


Central Japan International Airport is ideal for business jet flights, not only because the airport operates 24 hours a day, but also because there are no slot or apron stand limits.

Runway Length 3,500 m
Number of Apron Stands 64
Airport Hours of Operation 24 hours a day
Customs, Immigration and Quarantine 24 hours a day

Central Japan International Airport Facilities

Centrair Hall

This is a multi-purpose conference hall set up with simultaneous interpretation booths. It can be used for everything from business negotiations to concerts.

Centrair Hall

Alice Dining

Alice Dining is managed directly by the airport and can be used as a reception hall. Its menu offers a selection of Japanese and French cuisine.

Alice Dining


There are three hotels located on the airport island. Being close to the Terminal, they are incredibly convenient.



Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and inquiries regarding business jets at Central Japan International Airport.


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