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Hangars & Maintenance

Central Japan International Airport has dedicated hangars for business jets. Highly-experienced mechanics who can provide emergency maintenance services are also permanently stationed at the airport. We are also looking for customers interested in renting our facilities.

Using Our Hangars

The hangars at Central Japan International Airport are available to be rented by the hour.

Hourly Rentals

Business jet hangars can be rented by the hour. They can also be used for performing maintenance.


The business jet hangars at Central Japan International Airport have permanently stationed mechanics and can accommodate sudden maintenance work. We perform all types of maintenance, inspections, and malfunction repairs on aircraft with N and JA registration prefixes. Our service center, called the MJ Jet Center, can handle any customer request.

Maintenance Facilities and Capabilities

  • Ground power units
  • Hydraulic test stands (G150 to G550, GlobalExpress, CitationX, B737-BBJ)
  • Tripod jacks (30, 12, 5 tonnes)
  • Axle jacks (25 tonnes)
  • High lift/Maintenance stands
  • N2 boosters

MJ Jet Center

  • Cessna-certified factory
  • A&P license holder
  • JCAB license holder
  • AOG services available
  • Plentiful experience at performing maintenance on Gulfstream jets


Japcon Inc., Chubu Centrair International Airport Office

Tel: +81-569-89-7008
Fax: +81-569-38-1757


Hangar Specifications

Floor Space
5,476.52 m²
107.32 m × 50.89 m
Maximum height: 19.65 m
Maximum Height
19.65 m
Effective Height
13.50 m
Assumed Aircraft
Gulfstream GV5 (up to B737 can be accommodated)
Door Dimensions
102.5 m wide, 13.5 m high
Large Doors
Three-rail electrically driven nine-segment double doors
Effective Door Opening
Approx. 68.34 m
Approx. 170 m² (including lounge and workroom)
Approx. 7 m² (hazardous materials storage)

Hangar Usage Fees

See our "Airport and Hangar Usage Fees" page for more information on hangar usage fees.

Airport and Hangar Usage Fees


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and inquiries regarding business jets at Central Japan International Airport.


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