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At Central Japan International Airport, our airport staff provides support for hassle-free business jet flights. We offer specialized facilities and services for ensuring comfortable business jet flights.

Flight Support Services

Applying for the CAB and CIQ Procedures Required for Flights

We carry out all procedures required for flights, including applications to the CAB (Civil Aviation Bureau) for landing slots and parking stands and application paperwork for CIQ (Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine).

Service Systems

Escort Services

We assist business jet crew and passengers as they proceed through immigration and security inspections.

Ground Handling

We can provide all the services aircraft need, including marshalling, interior cleaning, and water supply.

Concierge Services

We can accommodate any request by customers, including arrangements for hotels and taxi services for crew and passengers.

The Business Jet Terminal

Immigration can be carried out quickly through our dedicated lines that maintain the privacy and security of business jet passengers. (This must be coordinated ahead of time with the organizations involved.)

The VIP Lounge

We have a special lounge for holding meetings or relaxing before departure or after arrival. There is a Business Corner as well.


We can arrange the catering of high-grade Japanese or French cuisine by Alice Dining, a restaurant managed directly by Central Japan International Airport. Anything the customer wants can be ordered.


Jet A-1 fuel is available for refueling.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and inquiries regarding business jets at Central Japan International Airport.


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