Universal Aviation

Designing the Terminal

.A Simple, User-Friendly Terminal

Our Ideas about Universal Design

  • Facilities should be pleasant and easy for anyone to use.
  • Airports are open to everyone for the public to use.
  • Universal design includes not only appropriate facility design (the tangible side) but also the maintaining of adequate on-site support (the intangible side).

.Universal Design Workshops

  • We began holding workshops with a disabilities group (AJU).
  • We solicited suggestions directly from people with different disabilities and scholars.
  • Implementation at every stage, including basic planning, actual design, and construction, incorporated these suggestions.
  • Our results were compiled into reports.
  • The results of testing conducted after opening were published as a general book (in 2007).

Our Goal: A User-Friendly Terminal

Ensuring Movement Routes

Taking the disabled into account, we have designed movement routes that are identical for all passengers and travelers.

Traffic Flow Design

In areas where traversing steps or multiple levels was to be avoided, we mainly tried to install gently sloping ramps. In cases where that was not possible, we installed elevators and escalators.

Restrooms Easy for Anyone to Use

We designed restrooms that could be effortlessly used not only by people with physical disabilities, but also by children and travelers with suitcases.

Adequate Assistance and Support

We provide adequate assistance and support whenever the situation calls for it.

Open-Access Materials

UDC Reports

We gathered the results of the universal design workshops we conducted at every stage from basic planning to actual design and construction into reports.

General Book

"Central Japan International Airport's Universal Design : From Processes to Design Testing"
Published: July 30, 2007
Editors: Gen Taniguchi, Tomohiko Isobe, Yasunori Morisaki, and Toshiaki Hara
Publisher: Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd.
2-5-14 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6202-5200
ISBN: 978-4-306-07259-6 C3052