Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Activities at Central Japan International Airport

Our volunteers extend a warm welcome on our behalf, so that the time spent by visitors to Central Japan International Airport can be comfortable and hassle-free.

Information Volunteers

Volunteers are on hand who actively approach visitors to the airport to provide information regarding facilities and services. Our volunteers also provide other services that visitors with difficulties might be in need of, helping individuals who need personal assistance and accommodating visitors in their own language.

Volunteer Locations Volunteers can be found throughout Central Japan International Airport, particularly in the area between the Access Plaza and the Passenger Terminal Building.
Main Volunteer Services Volunteers actively approach visitors within Central Japan International Airport who are experiencing difficulties and provide information on facilities and services.

Field Trip Volunteers

Volunteers conduct students on field trips (primarily school events involving elementary school students, grades 3 through 6) at Central Japan International Airport and serve as tour guides, explaining the Passenger Terminal facilities to children.

Volunteer Locations Field trip volunteers can be found at locations along the field trip tour route.
Main Volunteer Services Field trip volunteers relay basic information about Central Japan International Airport to students participating in field trips.


Volunteer Recruitment

We are not looking for new volunteers at the present time.


Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about our volunteers.

Volunteer Office, General Affairs Group, General Affairs, Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd.

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