For Businesses

Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd., Centrair Energy Supply Co., Ltd., Centrair Information & Communications Network Co., Ltd., Centrair Passenger Service Co., Ltd., and Centrair Facility Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the "Centrair Group") are aware of the importance of the personal information of business clients, and we take all reasonable measures to protect their personal information.

  1. The Centrair Group gathers and uses the personal information of clients, including their name, corporate information (corporate name, departments, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses), and emergency contact telephone numbers, only within the scope required in order to conduct business with that client and to ensure safety. Clients should contact us at their convenience to consult with us regarding any information that could cause problems. *(As a rule, we do not gather or make use of the private address and telephone number of clients.)
  2. The Centrair Group checks to ensure that, if necessary, customer information is handled by other clients, government agencies, financial institutions and business contractors in a proper manner in order to conduct business with that client and to ensure safety.
  3. The Centrair Group mutually shares clients' information among Centrair Group companies if necessary, and only within the scope required, in order to conduct business with that client and to ensure safety. Management of personal information is the responsibility of Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd.
  4. If a client wishes to check anything regarding the information on that same client that has been gathered by the Centrair Group, we shall, as a rule, provide those details. If any of the information is in error, we shall correct it. In order to confirm that the client making the request is the one to whom the information applies, in such cases, we may ask for some details regarding the information on that client which is stored by the Centrair Group.
  5. The Centrair Group follows all laws and standards related to the protection of personal information.
  6. The Centrair Group takes all precautions necessary to carry out the safe and proper management of personal information entrusted to us by clients. We also conduct reviews of our management methods and management systems when necessary.