Procurement Policy

Central Japan International Airport endeavors to maintain safety and trustworthiness in the operation of airport facilities, while aiming to become an international airport that satisfies its visitors by improving convenience and economic efficiency. For that reason, we promote procurement carried out in line with the following policies.

Pursuing Economic Rationality

  • As a rule, procurement is done according to the competitive method, and we pursue economic rationality by establishing requirements to that effect.
  • We improve overall efficiency and strengthen our management foundation by centralizing procurement for our group of related companies.

Selecting Vendors through Fair Evaluation and Offering New Business Opportunities

  • When placing orders, we comprehensively and objectively evaluate the value, quality, delivery time, services, and contribution to our company that competitive participants have to offer, and then we select a vendor.
  • We have set up a procurement access point on our company's website, opening the door widely both domestically and internationally as we continuously solicit new proposals.

Improving Business Quality through a Partnership-Based Approach to Vendors

  • As we constantly outsource jobs with regard to the operation and maintenance of our airport and its facilities, we share our goals related to improving quality and level of service with our vendors, and we direct our efforts toward achieving those goals.

Obeying Laws and Ordinances

  • We obey all relevant law as well as the spirit in which it is intended, and we push for procurement that follows fixed procedures.
  • We reject any underhanded approach to our company's orders and any illicit procurement-related procedures.

Reducing Our Environmental Burden

  • We are actively engaged in energy and resource conservation and green procurement in order to reduce our environmental burden.

Procurement Information

Please see our "Environmental Activities" page for more information.

Green Initiatives