Sample Image Gallery

This is the Sample Image Gallery of Chubu Centrair International Airport pictures available for media usage.
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Airport Island’s bird's-eye view

A-1: West View of the Passenger Terminal

A-2: North-east View of the Cargo Facilities

A-3: South-west view of the Airport Island

Passenger Terminal Building

B-1: Security Screening Gate

B-2: International Departures Lobby (3rd floor)

B-3: Departures Lobby (3rd floor)

B-4: Chochin-yokocho (4th floor)

B-5: Renga-dori (4th floor)

B-6: Sky Deck (4th floor)

B-7: Welcome Garden (1st floor)

B-8: Domestic Boarding Gate (3rd floor)

Aircraft Parking Apron View

C-1: Apron View

C-2: Apron View


D-1: Event Plaza (4th floor)

D-2: Fu no Yu (Bathhouse with views)

D-3: Passenger Terminal Outside View

D-4: Passenger Terminal Outside View

D-5: Passenger Terminal Outside View