Various Activities

Central Japan International Airport Initiatives

  • Valuing Our Visitors’ Opinions

    We at Central Japan International Airport aim to become the world’s number-one airport in customer satisfaction, and are engaged in various activities on a day-to-day basis as we strive to improve the comprehensiveness and level of service of our facilities in order to make our airport a place that travelers want to visit.

    Aiming to Provide the World's Best Customer Satisfaction

  • Universal Design

    We have examined our airport right from the planning stages with the goal of being an airport easy for everyone to use. Our facilities have been tested from various perspectives, including ease of use, ease of understanding, and safety.

    Central Japan International Airport's Universal Design

  • Volunteer Activities at Central Japan International Airport

    We extend warm welcomes by volunteers so that the time spent by visitors to Central Japan International Airport can be comfortable and hassle-free.

    Volunteer Activities

  • Consideration for the Environment

    We have endeavored from the planning stages to reduce our environmental footprint. We conduct environmental monitoring of the area around the airport and publicize the results in Green Reports and at the Centrair Information Corner.

    Environmental Activities

  • Field Trips at Central Japan International Airport

    In order to contribute to social education and earn the admiration of children and the local community, Central Japan International Airport accepts field trips for all upper-grade elementary school students as well as children and students from schools for the deaf, blind and disabled.

Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd. Initiatives

Connecting with Other International Airports

Central Japan International Airport is making an effort to create new connections and exchange opportunities with other international airports through two main initiatives: Sister Airports and East Asia Airports Alliance (EAAA).

Sister Airport Initiatives

East Asia Airports Alliance (EAAA)