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Requests for travelers arriving on international flights

In order to quarantine after entering Japan, you are permitted to travel to your place of residence under the conditions that you complete the travel within 24 hours of the post-arrival examination (when the test specimen is collected), and that you take the shortest possible route to your place of residence if using public transportation.

■ About Pick-ups
-Please wait in the international arrival lobby on the 2nd floor until your pick up.
-Wear a mask at the airport according to aviation industry guidelines.
-For stores such as convenience stores, please use according to guidelines such as avoiding large numbers of visitors.
-Please use the nearest smoking room and restroom.

■ Rental car
Rental car is not considered public transport and can be used by international travelers after arrival. There are the following rental car stores in the airport:

■ Transfer services
There are transfer services as a means of transportation when moving from the airport to the quarantine destination (hotel or home).

■ Airport Hotels
Travelers who cannot quarantine for 14 days at home without using public transportation need to quarantine at a hotel. These are the hotels located inside the airport island. *Reservation might be necessary.

Reference websites

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website (Coronavirus Pneumonia Patients Reported)
About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Information and guidance from World Health Organization(WHO)

Chartered Transfer Services