About the local novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients

Customers who have used Chubu Centrair International Airport have been found to be infected by the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) . If you are concerned about a possible infection, please contact the "Returnee and Contact Center" by telephone before going to a medical institution.
* The patients listed below have been officially announced by each local government. Updates will be made as soon as they are announced by the local government.

Date Date of ocurrence Patient Overview History and progress Contact Information
Mar 19 Mar 17
Male in his 50s
Gifu Prefecture resident
Mar. 4-9 Stayed in New York
Mar. 9 Fatigue.
Mar. 9 Returned from JF Kennedy Airport via Narita Airport to Central Japan International Airport Centrair
From Centrair, used Meitetsu and got off at Kasamatsu Station and return home by private car
Mar. 10 Feeling of heat.
Mar. 11 Fever (37 ° C), cough.
Mar. 14 Fever rised to 38 ° C at night.
Mar. 15 Visited a medical institution. Influenza negative
Mar. 17 Diarrhea, visited a medical institution again. Pneumococci, Legionella negative. A chest CT showed pneumonia, and a medical institution consulted a returnee / contact center. Performed PCR test and found positive.

* Rest from home from March 9 to 17, except when at a medical institution. He was wearing a mask when he went out after the onset.
Mar. 3 Mar. 4 Male in his 40s, Mie Prefecture resident
Feb. 16: Departure from Japan
Feb. 16: Departure to Cambodia via Vietnam.
Feb. 21: Moved to the Philippines.
Feb. 21(approx): Feverish feel
Feb. 28: moved to Cambodia again.
Mar. 2: Phlegm and breathlessness.
Mar. 3: Visited a local hospital, but was referred to as follow-up.
Mar. 4: Returned via Vietnam. After arriving, he came to the health counseling room at the quarantine station on her own due to breathlessness and coughing symptoms. Test result was positive. Begins hospitalization.
Please contact the following service for inquiries in foreign languages:
Aichi Multilingual Call Center
Feb.15 (1)Feb. 13
(2)Feb. 14
(1)Male in his 60s Nagoya Resident
(2)Female in her 60s Nagoya Resident

*(1)(2)Same household
(1) Male in his 60s
Jan.28: Feb. 7-Stayed in Hawaii, USA
Feb.3:-Cold like symptoms when staying in Hawaii
Feb.7: After arriving to Centrair, took the 20:07 2nd car of the Airport Express Train "μ-SKY" at the airport station and got off at a station in Nagoya city. Went home on foot from the station
Feb.8:-After 39°C fever he consulted a medical institution
Feb.10:Poor appetite and re-examination of medical institution
Feb.13:Visited a medical institution by emergency transport. Novel coronavirus infection test
Feb.14:Positive on novel coronavirus. Begins hospitalization

(2) Female in her 60s
* The same household. and behavior after returning to and returning to Hawaii in the US is the same as (1)
Feb.13:Called emergency transport for (1)
Feb.14:-37.6 ℃ fever
Feb.15:-Novel coronavirus test was conducted. Positive on novel coronavirus. Begins hospitalization
Please contact the following service for inquiries in foreign languages:
Aichi Multilingual Call Center
Jan.30 Jan.25 Male in his 50s resident of Mie Prefecture (Non-Japanese citizen)
Dec.24-Jan.13:Stayed in Wuhan (Homecoming)
Jan.13: After entering Japan at Centrair took a high-speed boat and return home from Tsuna Sagimachi by private car
Jan.25 -26: 38 ° C fever
Jan.27:Visited a medical institution by emergency transport. Influenza test was negative, no pneumonia found, medical treatment at home
Jan.28:39 ° fever
Jan.29:Returned to a medical institution and was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Novel coronavirus test was conducted.
Jan.30: Positive on novel coronavirus. Begins hospitalization

*There is no concern about infection for those who have been in the airport on January 13 because more than 2 weeks have passed already.