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‘Mysterious Traveler Fuu Bath’ at ‘Exhibition Bath: Fuu no Yu!’ is now open!

January 26 - April 5
*Opening and closing times depend on the store. Closed:2/20
Exhibition Bath ‘Fuu no Yu’

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Exhibition Bath, Fuu no Yu is a special, limited time event to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the port opening, starting January 26th and lasting until April 5th !
Every day you can enjoy a bath with 1,000 floating Fuu puff dolls. We’ll also be selling 15th anniversary special edition original bath bowls, towels and Fuu puff dolls.

Take a bath with 1,000 Fuu puff dolls!

1,000 Fuu puff dolls will take float in both the men’s and women’s baths every day.
This is your only chance to take a bath with the cute and cuddly Fuu!

15th Anniversary special edition products on sale now!

■Pukapuka Fū Floaty Dolls Set of 3 – 1,000yen (Tax Incl.)

■Pukapuka Fū Floaty Dolls Set of 5 – 1,500yen (Tax Incl.)

■15th anniversary towel 500yen each (Tax Incl.)

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Period January 26 - April 5
Event Hours *Opening and closing times depend on the store. Closed:2/20
Location Exhibition Bath ‘Fuu no Yu’

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