16th Centrair Art Quilt Museum 2020 “Unparalleled Beautiful Views In The World” Quilt Exhibition

February 27, 2020 to mid-February, 2021 (projected)

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This event is currently unavailable due to the temporary closure of Center Pier Garden.
We apologize for any inconvenience and apreciate your understanding.
The reopening date is still to be determined.

Since the airport opened in 2005, every year we choose a theme and present a the permanent exhibition of giant quilts, the Art Quilt Museum.
To welcome the 16th year of this event, we will decorate Terminal 1 with 19 giant quilts, 2.5m x 2m in size, that will stay there over the year. The theme is “Unparalleled Beautiful Views In The World,” with discoveries that surprise and move you with their beauty and magnificence.

List of Works

Events Overview

Period February 27, 2020 to mid-February, 2021 (projected)
Sponsor & Cosponsor Organized by: Central Japan International Airport Company, Ltd.
Special Cooperation with: Brother Sales, Ltd.