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【Hello Kitty Japan】 Sanrio new product release!

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Sanrio new product released!

  • Sanrio Character Goods  Sakura Design Series

Introducing the design series with a cherry blossom motif that feels like spring has arrived.
Lots of goods that have a spring-like warmth!
Sanrio has arranged recommended items for souvenirs and gifts.

Plush Toy
Mascot Holder
Mini Ball Pouch
Small Towel    Other

  • New Life of Spring Series

It’s a new life series with bright colors that make the new life of spring fun and happy!
Introducing bags, bag accessories, and everyday items perfect for your new life at work or school that have plenty of characters and plenty of items.

Totebag 3,500 yen (tax not included)
Compact W Mirror each 600 yen (tax not included.
Accessory Case each 900 yen (tax not included)
Pass Case each 1,600 yen (tax no included)
Slim Makeup Case each 1,800 yen (tax not included)   Other

  • LUPICIA Hello Kitty and My Melody Collab

Introducing a collab gift set from tea specialty store “LUPICIA” and Hello Kitty and My Melody.
The strawberry-themed goods and tea set is perfect for White Day or for a spring gift.
They’ve prepared four kinds of Sanrio Original Strawberry Flavor teas in the set.

Hello Kitty LUPICIA Tea and Mascot Set 3,000 yen (tax not included)
Hello Kitty LUPICIA Tea and Mug Set 3,000 yen (tax not included)
My Melody LUPICIA Tea and Mascot Set 3,000 yen (tax not included)
My Melody LUPICIA Tea and Mug Set 3,000 yen (tax not included)

  • 〔Released in order starting February 15〕 Sanrio Raffle: My Melody Raffle

We have Sanrio character items with lively designs in the "Sanrio Raffle" where everyone wins!
Tons of helpful items to make your new life fun☆! We also have instant noodles that come with a plastic cup♪
*The pictures of the prizes are an example.

¥700 per entry (tax included)
Released in order starting Saturday, February 15th
*The start date may be different depending on the store.

[Prize list]
Electric kettle prize (1 type)
Wall mounted clock prize (1 type)
Covered storage case prize (1 type)
Instant noodles with a plastic cup prize (2 types)
Mascot purse prize (3 types)
Duster prize (3 types)
Bathroom bucket prize (3 types)
Storage container set (1 type)
Cushion prize (2 types)
Final special prize: A big tube-shaped cushion

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