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Internet and Mobile Services

Q. I would like to use email (the Internet) at the airport.

A. There are three paid Internet terminals within the Passenger Terminal Building. After passing through the international flight security checkpoint, there is a business corner with computer desks and a wired LAN connection, a space for briefing sessions, and partitioned booths for you to use. There are also locations where wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connections are available.

Computer, Internet and Cell Phone Rentals

Q. I would like to use Wi-Fi service at the airport.

A. Areas offering free Wi-Fi service are available in the Passenger Terminal Building and Access Plaza. Please see the “Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Spots” page for more information.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Spots

Q. Is there a place where I can recharge the battery in my laptop computer or cell phone?

A. Computer desks with AC100V outlets are available for use in each restricted area. Charging stations with chairs equipped with AC100V and USB outlets are available in the waiting areas beside International counter A and Domestic counter P in the non-restricted area.

Q. I would like to rent a cell phone.

A. There are several kiosks where cell phones and mobile Wi-Fi devices can be rented. For more details, please visit the link below. Some kiosks may require that reservations be made in advance. For more details, check with the individual kiosk in question.

Computer, Internet and Cell Phone Rentals