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Services within the Airport

Q. I would like to stay in a hotel at the airport.

A. Several hotels are located at the airport. All of them can be reached on foot from the airport terminal.

Airport Hotels

Q. What hours is the terminal building open?

A. The terminal building is open from 5:20 until 23:30. Travelers are not permitted to stay inside the terminal building outside of those hours. They will have to leave and go to the Access Plaza or one of the hotels at the airport.
*International Arrivals lobby side only , is opening for 24 hours.

Q. I would like to make the most of my waiting time.

A. Approximately 100 retail stores can be found at Sky Town on the fourth floor. We invite you to visit them during your waiting time.

Shop and Dine

Q. I would like to know where the airline lounges are.

A. Airline lounges for both international and domestic flights are located at the Departures Lobby on the third floor. For international flights, there are elevators, escalators, and stairs in the waiting area after immigration, which lead you to the lounges (an elevator/escalator for JAL Sakura Lounge, an elevator for the Star Alliance Lounge, and an elevator/stairs for the Korean Air Lounge and Centrair Global Lounge). For domestic flights, there is a common lounge for JAL and ANA in the waiting area after carry-on luggage security inspection.


Q. I would like to take a shower while at the airport.

A. Public baths are available within the airport.

Travelers can relax and enjoy a refreshing soak in this bathhouse, which offers a view of the airplanes and the sunset beyond the Ise Bay.

Towels are available, and you can leave your baggage with us... perfect for visitors who are on a trip as well. The bathhouse is open early for travelers whose flights arrive early at the airport. You can watch the departing airplanes, and take advantage of the hospitality to soothe your fatigue.

Bathhouse with a View: "Hu No Yu"

Q. What is the best place to meet up with people when picking them up at the airport or arriving from outside the country?

A. We recommend the Shoryudo Tourist Information Center. It is near the International Arrivals exit and easy to spot.

Shoryudo Tourist Information Center

Q. I would like to rent a baby stroller or a wheelchair.

A. Wheelchairs and baby strollers can be borrowed free of charge. Please contact one of the five information counters at the airport, or the information center.

Bringing Your Children to the Airport

For the Handicapped

Q. What facilities are available for the physically disabled?

A. The airport’s facilities are designed according to universal design concepts and can be used by anyone.

Central Japan International Airport's Universal Design

Q. Can I bring pets into the Terminal Building?

A. In general, pets may not be brought into the Terminal Building. Some guide dogs, however, are permitted. Please contact the airline to use a guide dog for getting onto the airplane.

Airline Information

Q. Where can I inquire about lost or missing articles?

A. The location depends on where you lost or forgot it. Contact the help counter that corresponds to that location. Additionally, the police are notified whenever lost cash or values are found. If you lose cash or valuables, then you should contact the police.

• Cash, valuables, etc.
Contact the police regarding lost cash or valuables.
Central Japan International Airport Police Station
Tel: +81-569-38-0110

• On an airplane or by the check-in counter
Contact your airline if you lose something on an airplane or near the check-in counter.

• In the international flights restricted area past Security Check Points
Chubu-Airport Branch Customs
Tel: +81-569-38-7600
Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (weekdays only)
Tel: +81-569-38-7624
Office hours: 17:00 - 9:00 next day, open year round

You can contact us regarding your lost or missing article. Please call the Centrair Telephone Center (+81-569-38-1195) if you lost the item somewhere other than the above or don't know where you lost it.

Q. How much are the airport facility usage fees (PSFC)?

A. Airplane passengers are charged for a portion of the expenses of common facilities in the Passenger Terminal Building (including the area past Immigration and the boarding gates). Please click here for more details.

Airport Facility Usage Fees