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ASQ Awards

What are the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) Awards?

A Global Standard for Indicating Customer Satisfaction at Airports

The ASQ Awards are overseen by the ACI (Airports Council International), and they are widely recognized as some of the most authoritative airport awards in the world that provide annual overall ratings and rankings on airport customer service, customer satisfaction level, and ease of use.

We received this year’s “The Best Airport By Size of Airport” award from ACI. Airports Council International (ACI) announced winners of the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) Awards 2012. Central Japan International Airport (Centrair) won the first prize under the category of the 5-15 million passengers for two consecutive years. The “Best Airport Worldwide” Award has been eliminated from the award category since ASQ Awards 2012.

Visit the website below for more details on ASQ survey results.

ASQ Awards

First-Place Winner in 2012 for Best Airport by Size (5 – 15 Million Passengers), as Well as Fifth Overall and Only Ranked Airport in Japan

Central Japan International Airport, for the first time in three years, won first place in the category "Best Airport by Size (5 - 15 Million Passengers)" in the ASQ 2011 results. We were also the only ranked airport in Japan, taking fifth place overall among all participating airports.

Evaluation Results

Best Airport by Size : 5 – 15 Million Passengers
Central Japan International Airport
Hyderabad (India)
Tianjin (China)
Wuhan (China)
Sanya (China)

Central Japan International Airport, which opened on February 17, 2005, celebrated its eighth anniversary as of 2013. For all of the personnel who work at the airport, having put so much effort since the airport's founding into meeting the expectations of the community and improving services to satisfy all airport visitors, receiving such a high evaluation at this turning point in our history is an incredible encouragement.

Going forward, each and every one of us intends to keep giving consideration to what it is our visitors want, and to become the world's number-one airport in customer satisfaction by accurately meeting the needs and expectations of our visitors with a true spirit of hospitality, as we endeavor to continue being a popular and enticing airport for everyone in our community and our many visitors.

Main Awards Received by Central Japan International Airport until Now

Award Year
Award Result
Best Airport by Size (5 – 15 Million Passengers) 1st
Best Airport by Size (5 – 15 Million Passengers) 1st
Best Airport by Size (5 – 15 Million Passengers) 2nd
Best Airport by Size (5 – 15 Million Passengers) 1st
Best Airport by Size (5 – 15 Million Passengers) 1st
Best Airport by Size (5 – 15 Million Passengers) 1st
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