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Privacy Policy

We at Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd are aware of the importance of the personal information of visitors who visit the Japan Travel Nagoya Chubu website, and have taken all reasonable measures to protect the personal information of visitors.
While visiting the Japan Travel Nagoya Chubu website, visitors may be asked for personal information, including their name, address, phone number, and email address, under the following circumstances.

  • When making opinions, requests, or other inquiries
  • When requesting materials
  • When applying for events and awards
  • When making reservations or applications over the Internet
  • Other purposes ( in which case, the purpose and details will be explained on our website )

When it comes to personal information gathered for these purposes, we abide by the laws that relate to personal information protection as well as all relevant standards. In addition to establishing the protective measures necessary to implement safe and proper management of personal information, we use that information to improve the services of Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. We also ensure that our affiliates and business contractors handle our visitors' personal information in a proper manner when we share our visitors' personal information with them in order to provide the services requested by our visitors.

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