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Juliett Cafe, Nagoya's Muslim-Friendly Restaurant

By Neurina Fajriyatul Islamiyah. Posted on February 26, 2016

When I came to Japan, I was a little bit anxious about what kind of food I could eat here. For religious reasons, I don’t eat pork and couldn’t eat beef and chicken. Whenever I’m hanging out with friends, I have to be cautious about the food, and sometimes I feel bad for my friends because there are not many options. One day, a friend told me that there was a Japanese halal restaurant that sold beef and other Japanese foods. I decided to pay it a visit, and it was totally worth it!


The restaurant’s name is Food Café Juliett. To go there, you need to ride the subway's Tsurumai line and get off at Joshin Station. From there, you take exit 1 and go straight down the road until you reach the green building on the left side. That is where Food Café Juliett is located. There is a menu board in front of the building showing you what is available. Apparently, the restaurant/café also offers pizza and pasta.


I went there with a friend, and we decided to split the cost so that we could order lots of food and share it. The waiter was really friendly. He noticed that we were wearing hijabs and he asked if we were Muslim. He gave us the menu, brought mineral water and cold matcha, and told us to enjoy ourselves. He was really nice!


There were a lot of delicious dishes shown in the menu, and trust me, it was really hard to choose what to order. After a long discussion, we decided to order wagyu steak, chicken karaage, and Japanese curry rice. We didn’t wait long for our orders. The first one to arrive was chicken karaage. It was incredibly amazing. It was so crunchy, but the chicken meat inside was so tender. The second to arrive was Japanese curry rice. Actually, I wanted to try the omurice, but I was tempted too much by the curry rice.



The curry rice was nice! And finally, the wagyu steak! Let me tell you something! The highlight of this restaurant/café is the steak! They have three kinds of steak: wagyu steak, rump steak, and sirloin steak. You must try their steak dishes!

The aroma of the wagyu steak’s smell reminded me of one particular dish from my home country, Indonesia. The meat was so tender and juicy. It felt like food heaven for me.

We finished our food in no time and considered ordering more, but we decided not to.


Overall, it was a truly nice experience for me, as a Muslim, to find a halal-friendly restaurant in Japan. If you are not into halal food, there's no need to worry. They have other dishes as well. I recommend going to this restaurant/café, especially if you want to taste what halal food is like. Going out with friends will be fun, since you can choose different dishes and share them together!

I am going back again before flying back to my home country for sure!

PS. Look how happy I was!




Neurina Fajriyatul Islamiyah

Neurina Fajriyatul Islamiyah is an exchange student in one university in Nagoya, Japan. She had spent almost 10 months here to learn Japanese and explore the Japanese cultures. Her favorite things to do are reading, traveling, and blogging.

* Disclaimer: Japan Travel Nagoya Chubu does not gaurantee that the information on this website is accurate and up to date.

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