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Mountain Kissaten: A Unique Traditional Café in Nagoya

By Anisa Padang Pelangi. Posted on February 19, 2016


If you think only Tokyo and Osaka have many unique foods, you are wrong.

This café serves many pasta dishes that have been prepared Japanese-style or in other unique ways — such as this pasta! This is green tea pasta topped with anko (red bean paste) and whipped cream. In Nagoya, serving anko with whipped cream is popular, but this restaurant is the only place people eat anko with green tea pasta. Usually, people in Nagoya eat anko with toast for breakfast, a dish called ogura toosuto (小倉トースト).

You might think this pasta would taste awful, but it is sweet and delicious! I did not expect this food to become my new favorite, but it has! I was surprised by the sweetness of the green tea pasta itself. It does taste like real green tea, with a good balance of bitterness, and it goes perfect with anko and whipped cream, which melt in your mouth. What a great invention sweet pasta is!

On the subject of Nagoya’s culture, this region has more traditional Japanese cafés — called kissaten (喫茶店) — than any other region. You can relax with friends while enjoying tea, coffee, ice cream, etc.

This kissaten also has many many other unique dishes, such as Sweet Banana Pasta, Salmon Pasta, and more. And the best thing about this kissaten is that, unlike other kissaten and restaurants in Japan, they serve larger portions for each dish at the same price! Most of the pasta dishes cost only about 800 yen. They also have standard pasta dishes, such as Bolognaise, White Sauce, etc. All of these pasta dishes come in large portions, and this is really rare in Japan. 


I recommend White Sauce Pasta if you want normal pasta!


This kissaten is located not far from Nanzan University. From Nagoya Station, take the subway to Yagoto Nisseki Station. Take exit 1 and then walk for about five minutes. You will see a large painting of a mountain: mountain3.jpgIt has Maunten (マウンテン) written in katakana. It is very easy to find using a GPS device and is not very far from central Nagoya.

I don’t recommend going there on weekends or in the evening because it will be crowded, especially with students. The best time to go to this café is between 1 and 3 pm.

Enjoy new experiences in Nagoya!

Restaurant details are as follows.

Address: 47-86 Takikawa-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya

Open hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (last orders at 9:30 pm)

Closed: Every Monday (If Monday falls on holiday, it will be open but closed on the day after.)

Phone: 052-832-0897

Note: Everyone has to order at least one item from the menu. Your table will share the same bill.


Anisa Padang Pelangi

Anisa Padang Pelangi has lived in Japan since 2 years ago. Now she is taking International Communication undergraduate course at Aichi University, Nagoya. She likes to travel and explore new things. One of her dream is become a journalist.

* Disclaimer: Japan Travel Nagoya Chubu does not gaurantee that the information on this website is accurate and up to date.

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