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Night View of Nagoya

By LIHUA ZHAO. Posted on January 24, 2015

Do you wonder where to visit at night in Nagoya? I will introduce some places in Nagoya where you can enjoy the beautiful night view in different seasons. 



Oasis 21 is located in the city center — the Sakae area of Nagoya. The top floor of Oasis 21 is Spaceship Aqua, with a glass roof covered with water. At night, Oasis 21 is lit up by 42 large outdoor LED units, which make a stunning night view together with the Nagoya TV tower. There are a green field, bus terminal, shops, restaurants, and the Galaxy Platform at Oasis 21. 



Sakae is the best shopping area with many department stores, shopping malls, and luxurious brand shops. You can also find various types of restaurants in the Sakae area. From Nagoya Station, you can take the Sakuradori line to Hisayaodori Station or take the Higashiyama line to Sakae Station.




If you walk down from Nagoya Tower to the south area, there are many plazas such as Tower Hiroba (Tower Plaza), Mochinoki Hiroba (Mochinoki Plaza), Kibou no Hiroba (Plaza of Hope), Ai no Hiroba (Plaza of Love), Angel Hiroba (Angel Plaza), Hisaya Hiroba (Hisaya Plaza), and Hikari no Hiroba (Plaza of Light). Many events and festivals are held at Hisaya Plaza such as Food Festival or Christmas Market event. 




If you walk through all the plazas, you will find Hisayaodori Gardens FLARIE. It's a three-minute walk from exit 4 of Yabacho Station (Meijo line). The admission fee is free and the garden is normally open from 9:00 until 17:30.  However, during the event season, it is open until late night, and there are restaurants, a cafe, and a florist shop in the garden. This winter, they decorated Christmas trees in front of the gate and lit up the garden with the theme of “light and music”. 




Shirotori Garden is a traditional Japanese garden famous for its autumn leaves. In the center of the park, there is a tea ceremony room, which was designed based on a shirotori (swan) flying down to rest its wings. Each year, they hold a winter light art event (あかりアート) in the garden. During the event season, the garden is open until 9:00 pm (last entry at 8:30). 



Tokugawa-en (Tokugawa Garden, 徳川園) is a beautiful traditional Japanese garden in Nagoya. It's one of the most popular places in Nagoya for colorful autumn leaves. Each year, they light up the garden at night in late November. Ryusenko is the main pond in Tokugawa Garden, and the spectacular scenery of the garden is reflected in the water’s surface. The Seikotei is a miniature of the bridge over Sei Lake (West Lake) in Hangzhou, China.  



10175059_10203830402830988_569254568_n.jpgYamazaki River is one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. There are over 700 cherry trees along the Yamazaki River. It's recommended to take a walk along the river, especially when the cherry blossoms are illuminated at night. You can get to the Yamazaki River by a 15-minute walk from Mizuho Undojo Nishi Station (exit 2) or a 10-minute walk from Mizuho Kuyakusho Station.  



Lihua Zhao has been living in Japan for 6 years as a researcher in computer science. She loves travelling and hiking in Japan. Now she started to explore the Shoryudo region of Japan (Central Japan).

* Disclaimer: Japan Travel Nagoya Chubu does not gaurantee that the information on this website is accurate and up to date.

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