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Scenery of Gifu

By Hana Haji Hamzah. Posted on March 26, 2015

Taking my first trip to Gifu prefecture last summer, I was welcomed by its tall green mountains and flowing clear river. Gifu Prefecture is located just north of Nagoya.



My first stop was Gujo Hachiman where the famous summer dance would be held. Walking around the small town was such an enjoyable experience. The town itself was lined with old traditional houses. There were a number of temples scattered around and some interesting museums. I ended my afternoon walk along the smaller river within the town (a popular stop for people) and enjoyed the cool water and relaxing atmosphere.


As night came, the scenery of the town changed, music started to play, and different type of food stalls were set up. Ayu, a type of local fish, is a must-try for visitors coming here. Of course the highlight was the Gujo Odori dance. The people were friendly and encouraged me to join in, though I wished I had learned the dance moves beforehand. Depending on the day, the dance can last all night long (you can check the schedule before coming).












Next was my visit to Shirakawa-go, a place designated as a world heritage site. The thatched roof houses are unique, and having mountains as its backdrop gives the village a picturesque look.


GIfu Prefecture is beautiful throughout all four seasons. This is evident from my visit to another town in the prefecture, Takayama, during the winter season. Takayama is easily accessibly from Nagoya either by bus or train. Mostly known for its preserved old-fashioned townhouses, there are also a number of other places that can be visited. Going around Takayama itself is easy, as there is a town bus available that stops at every tourist spot. Takayama amidst the snowy landscape is definitely another must-see.








Hana Haji Hamzah

A travel enthusiast currently studying in Mie.


This village of Gassho-zukuri buildings is registered as a World Heritage Site. Its fields and canals remind us today of the simplicity of the unspoiled Japanese landscape.

  • Shirakawa, Gifu
  • Free (some facilities excepted)
  • Website
  • Yes
  • 70 min by bus from Takayama. Or various buses from major neighboring cities

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