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Izu Peninsula

By LIHUA ZHAO. Posted on February 26, 2015

Jogasaki Coast  国立公園城ヶ崎

Jogasaki is located in the east of Izu Peninsula with a 9-km hiking course along the coast. Jogasaki Coast was formed by lava from the eruption of Omuroyama Volcano 4,000 years ago. You can either get there by car or walk from Jogasakikaigan Station for 25 minutes. There is a suspension bridge across the gorge: Kadowaki Bridge, which is 48 m long and 23 m high. The jagged cliffs and rocks form a spectacular view with the turquoise sea.





Shuzenji Onsen 修禅寺温泉

Shuzenji Onsen is the most famous hot spring town in Izu peninsula. Shuzenji is a Zen Buddhist temple located in the center of town. Many visitors choose Shuzenji to spend their vacations and to enjoy the onsen. The nearest bus stops to the Shuzenji Onsen town are Shuzenji Onsen stop and Nijino Sato stop. 


If you feel tired after a long day of walking, you can take a free foot onsen at Tokko-no-yu Spa, which is the symbol of Shuzenji. A bamboo grove called Chikurin-no-komichi is located near Tokko-no-yu Spa.  You can walk around the town and enjoy the view of nature. There are many Japanese restaurants along the riverside. 






Niji-no-Sato 虹の郷

Niji-no-Sato is a beautiful park located near Shuzenji. Niji-no-Sato is divided into parks with different themes, such as British Village, Canadian Village, Fairy Garden, Japanese Garden, Izu Village, and Takumi Village. You can enjoy the different atmospheres of the villages and the various types of flowers and trees in the gardens. 




The Romney Railway and Romney buses also operate inside the park and are popular among children. It's also a good place to enjoy cherry blossoms (sakura) in spring. For more information, please check the official website: http://www.nijinosato.com/english/index.html





Lihua Zhao has been living in Japan for 6 years as a researcher in computer science. She loves travelling and hiking in Japan. Now she started to explore the Shoryudo region of Japan (Central Japan).

* Disclaimer: Japan Travel Nagoya Chubu does not gaurantee that the information on this website is accurate and up to date.

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