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Gifu Park and Gifu Castle

Japan Travel - Nagoya, Chubu
Posted on February 26, 2016

If you happen to be in Gifu area, don’t forget to pay a visit to Gifu Park. The entrance fee is free and once you step in to the park, a water fountain will welcome you. Inside the park, there are Three Stories Pagoda (which is under reconstruction until 2017) and the famous Gifu Castle. To reach the castle, you need to ride the ropeway (cable car) because the castle is located at the top of the mountain (Kinkazan). It costs 1080 yen for round trip. The fee to enter Gifu Castle is 200 yen and you will get a postcard and a coupon that can be used to visit the Gifu Castle Museum. (^_^)V
Inside the castle, there are displays of samurai armors, kimono, katana, and housewares. You can also examine the beautiful city scenery from the 3rd floor of the castle.

★Access: From Gifu Station, Take the bus bound for Gifu Park.

Photos & report by Neurina Fajriyatul Islamiyah
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