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Prohibited/Restricted Items

The treatment of hazardous materials in carry-on luggage and checked baggage (baggage left with the airline during check-in) varies according to the item and quantity. Please refer to the examples given here and contact your airline for more information.

Restrictions on Carrying Liquids into Airplane Cabins

It is important to be aware that restrictions are enforced with regard to the liquids that can be carried into the airplane cabin on international flights leaving Japan for overseas destinations, with the exception of items purchased in the Duty-Free Shop or elsewhere after completing immigration.

Carry-On Restrictions for Liquids

Items that Cannot Be Carried or Checked Aboard Airplanes
(Items Prohibited for Transport)

The checking or carrying on board of hazardous materials, including high-pressure gas, flammable liquids, and combustible materials, is prohibited by law.

Hazardous Materials (PDF: 445KB)

Quantity Limits on Carry-On Items

Items with Limits
Quantity Limit
Alcoholic beverages
Up to 5 L per person
(alcohol content of 24% to 70%)
There are no limits on beverages with an alcohol content of 24% or less.
Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
Up to 0.5 kg or 0.5 L per container, and up to 2 kg or 2 L per person
(non-radioactive substances only)
Dry ice
Up to 2.5 kg per person
(limited to dry ice meant for keeping perishable food cool)
Curling irons
One curling iron filled with hydrocarbon gas per person
Firearm ammunition
In its packaging, up to 5 kg per person
Not permitted in carry-on luggage
Sports equipment or general-use products containing aerosols
Up to 0.5 kg or 0.5 L per container, and up to 2 kg or 2 L per person
(applies only to items with non-flammable and non-toxic gas)
Not permitted in carry-on luggage

Checked Baggage Left During Check-In

Write your name on your baggage.

Much of the baggage checked on international flights looks the same. Checked baggage should have a name tag on it so the owner's name can be determined.


The weight of the baggage that can be checked free of charge depends on the destination and seat class. Baggage exceeding 20 kg per person requires an excess baggage surcharge in some instances. Contact your airline for more information.

Checked Baggage Inspection

Baggage is inspected at the Central Japan International Airport after it has been checked in by a passenger.

Items Not Permitted aboard Airplanes (Items Prohibited for Carry-On)

Items determined to be potential weapons, including knives, scissors, tools, baseball bats, and golf clubs, cannot be brought aboard airplanes. Check with the airline during check-in regarding any such items.

Carrying Lighters aboard Airplanes

Passengers are now permitted to carry lighters* aboard airplanes on flights to the United States as of August 2007. However, lighters are limited to one per person. Please be aware that lighters containing fuel and matches still cannot be put in checked baggage.

*Lighters containing unabsorbed liquid fuel other than liquefied gas (oil lighters), pistol lighters, and torch lighters cannot be carried on board. Torch lighters are lighters with a finely adjustable flame that are used for lighting pipes or cigars.

Contact your airline for more information on carry-on luggage and checked baggage.

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