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International Departures

Passengers departing for overseas destinations should arrive at the airport at least two hours before their departure time. The Departures Lobby is on the third floor of the Terminal Building.

3F: Departures (nonrestricted area) Check-In (Boarding Procedures)

Come to the Check-In Counter in the Departures Lobby on the third floor.

Submit your flight ticket and passport at the counter of your airline.

Leave all baggage except for your carry-on luggage at the counter.

Receive your boarding pass and baggage receipt from the airline staff.

Prohibited/Restricted Items

Carry-On Restrictions for Liquids

Airport Facility Usage Fee

Check-in can be done in a variety of ways depending on the airline being used. For more information, check with the airline you will be using.

Airline Information

International Departures (restricted area) Security Inspection

Please cooperate with luggage inspections and physical screening. These are carried out in order to prevent airplane hijacking.

Remove small objects from your person (keys, wallet, cell phone) and place them either in your carry-on luggage ahead of time or in a tray, and then join the line.

Show your boarding pass to the security staff and put your carry-on luggage through the X-ray scanner.

Walk through the metal detector for physical screening.

Prohibited/Restricted Items

Carry-On Restrictions for Liquids


Customs is a required procedure when taking foreign goods overseas. Passengers to whom this applies should declare these goods at the Customs Counter in the Immigration Area.

Japan Customs

International Departures (restricted area) Immigration

Submit your passport and boarding pass to the officer at the Immigration Booth.

*Remove your passport from its cover so that the inspection can proceed smoothly.

International Departures (restricted area) Boarding

Follow the instructions of the airline staff at the boarding gate in order to board.

*The boarding gate intended for your flight will be determined on the day of the flight. Check the flight information screen or with an airline/travel agency staff member to confirm your boarding gate after you arrive at the airport.

International Boarding Gate Map