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Domestic to Domestic

When making a connection from one domestic flight to another domestic flight, passengers proceed from the second floor, where they arrived, to Departures on the third floor. Passengers then follow the procedure for connecting flights. If your final destination is where you will be retrieving your baggage, then no procedure for connecting flights is necessary.

*If you are making a connection and are required to retrieve your baggage, please follow the procedures for leaving your baggage with the airline once more after picking it up.
Take the elevator or escalator to proceed to Departures on the third floor.

Domestic Flights (restricted area) Connecting Gate - (2F to 3F)

Proceed from the connecting gate to the connecting counter on the third floor.

Domestic Flights (restricted area) Connecting Counter - (3F)

Finish all necessary procedures, including check-in for your connecting flight.

Airport Facility Usage Fees

Boarding - (3F)

Follow the instructions of the airline staff at the boarding gate in order to board.

*The boarding gate intended for your flight will be determined on the day of the flight. Check the flight information screen or with an airline/travel agency staff member to confirm your boarding gate after you arrive at the airport.

Domestic Boarding Gate Map