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International to Domestic

At the Central Japan International Airport, the Arrivals Lobby is located on the second floor, and the Departures Lobby on the third floor. When making a connection from an international flight to a domestic flight, passengers temporarily go to the Arrivals Lobby after completing the immigration procedure, and then they proceed with domestic flight boarding procedures. Passengers should use either the elevator or the escalator to get from the International Arrivals Lobby to the Domestic Departures Lobby.

International Arrivals

International to Domestic (restricted area) Quarantine - (2F)

If a health-related questionnaire is handed out aboard the airplane, fill in all the required sections and submit it to the Quarantine Counter. If you experience diarrhea, fever, or other symptoms of illness during your travel, please do not hesitate to visit the Health Consultation Office.

International to Domestic (restricted area) Immigration - (2F)

Japanese and foreign arrivals should proceed to the correspondingly indicated booth and submit their passport to the immigration officer.

International to Domestic (restricted area) Baggage Claim - (2F)

At the Baggage Claim Area, passengers should retrieve their baggage from the carousel displaying their flight number, checking it against their baggage receipt number.

*If you cannot find your baggage or your baggage is damaged, please notify airline staff.

Animal and Plant Quarantine

Passengers bringing animals (or meat) or plants (including fruit) into Japan must submit them to an import inspection at the Animal and Plant Quarantine Counter after they have retrieved their baggage.

International to Domestic (restricted area) Customs Inspection - (2F)

Passengers with goods under the Duty-Free limit should line up for the table with the green lights. Passengers with goods that exceed the Duty-Free limit and passengers who are unsure whether their goods exceed the limit should line up for the table with the red lights. Since July 2007, all passengers visiting (or returning home to) Japan have been required to submit a customs declaration. Passengers who are required to pay a duty should pay it at the bank located in the Immigration Area.

2F: Arrivals (nonrestricted area) Arrivals Lobby - (2F)

After leaving the International Arrivals Lobby, passengers should take the elevator or escalator and proceed to the Domestic Departures Lobby on the third floor.

Domestic Boarding

3F: Departures (nonrestricted area) Domestic Check-In (Boarding Procedures) - (3F)

Come to the airline counter in the third floor Departures Lobby to check in and leave your baggage.

Prohibited/Restricted Items

Airport Facility Usage Fees

Check-in can be done in a variety of ways depending on the airline being used. For more information, check with the airline you will be using.

Airline Information

International to Domestic (restricted area) Security Inspection - (3F)

Show your boarding pass to the security staff, or have your 2D barcode or IC card scanned by the special scanning machine.

Remove small objects from your person (keys, wallet, and cell phone) and place them either in your carry-on luggage ahead of time or in a tray, and then join the line.

Put your carry-on luggage through the X-ray scanner.

Walk through the metal detector for physical screening.

Prohibited/Restricted Items

International to Domestic (restricted area) Boarding - (3F)

Follow the instructions of the airline staff at the boarding gate in order to board.

*If you don't know what gate to board at, check the flight information screen or ask airport staff.

Domestic Boarding Gate Map