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Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Spots

Centrair Free Wi-Fi (Free Wireless LAN)

Free Wi-Fi service is available at the Central Japan International Airport Passenger Terminal Building and at the Access Plaza.

Anyone with a compatible device (laptop computer, smart phone, etc.) is welcome to use our free wireless Internet connection service.

Areas with free Wi-Fi are indicated by posters and banners that say "Centrair Free Wi-Fi."

Centrair Free Wi-Fi (Free Wireless LAN)

How to Use this Service

Anyone who uses a personal computer with either a wireless LAN card or built-in wireless LAN connectivity (IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g) can use Wi-Fi at Central Japan International Airport.

Wi-Fi Configuration and Specifications

Wireless LAN Specifications Compatible with IEEE802.11b and IEEE802.11g Wi-Fi specs
SSID FreeWiFi-centrair
WEP Not used
MAC Filtering Not used


Please be aware of the following points when using our Wi-Fi service.

・We keep logs of all communications made using our Wi-Fi service.
・Although the Wi-Fi service is free, online services that require a fee are the user's responsibility.
・This service may be unavailable due to hardware incompatibility or system malfunctions.
・As we do not lend or sell personal computers or wireless LAN cards to our Wi-Fi users, we ask that you provide your own hardware.
・Users are required to install and configure their own wireless LAN cards.
・To ensure a secure connection, network connections are blocked between users on the same Wi-Fi network.
・Central Japan International Airport reserves the right to refuse responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur when using our service.
・Please observe all laws that prohibit illegal access when using this system.

Public Wireless LAN Service

If you have already contracted with one of the Internet service providers (ISP) listed below, you can connect to the Internet via your ISP's respective service from the public wireless LAN access point area, the airline lounges or the lounges offered by participating credit card companies. Contact your ISP for more information on pricing, how to connect and other details.

Public Wireless LAN Service

Available Providers

・Flets Spot (offered by NTT West)
・Docomo Wi-Fi (offered by NTT Docomo)
・BB Mobile Point (offered by SoftBank Telecom)
・Wi2 300 (offered by Wire and Wireless)
・BoingoHotSpot(offered by Boingo)

Wifine Service

Users who do not have an ISP contract can view certain sites only, such as the Central Japan International Airport website, weather and news. Select "centrair" in areas where free wireless LAN is available.

*The Internet cannot be accessed via this service.