Chinese, Korean, & Ethnic

Hai Shang Lou

Terminal 1 Sky Town
10:00‐15:30 / 16:30‐20:00

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The new Hai Shang Lou offers casual and fast Chinese food, its menu includes 6 different Chinese dishes that can be enjoyed in a bowl with rice or fried noodles. You can enjoy their delicious food inside the restaurant or to take out.

Items using Halal certified sealed pouch

Halal certified (JAKIM certification) sealed pouches of Brahim's Holdings Berhad, a food manufacturer that has obtained halal certification from the Malaysian governmental agencies, and sells sealed pouches in more than 15 countries around the world.

Pork-free alcohol-free menu

Store Information

Business Hours 10:00‐15:30 / 16:30‐20:00
Smoking Seats None
Services Halal certified
Credit Card Accepted
  • Edy
  • IC Card
  • WAON
  • QUICPay
  • iD
  • WeChat Pay
  • Centrair Pay
  • Alipay Plus


Location Terminal 1 Sky Town