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Made in Pierre Hermé

Terminal 1, 3rd floor Departures lobby
Monday to Thursday 8:00~20:00
Friday to Sunday 8:00~21:00

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Made in Pierre Hermé
World-famous pâtissier Pierre Hermé opened a “Made in Pierre Herme” branch in Chubu Centrair International airport. In addition to the macarons, chocolates and baked sweets, you can shop for a large variety of ingredients and fashion accessories, which are made in cooperation with the brand and local producers from Japan, as its brand concept is “To introduce good Japanese items to the global audience ”. You’re welcomed to take a seat at the café space, where they can enjoy original drinks, soft serve ice cream and cakes.
6 macaroons assortment

6 macaroons assortment

3,078 yen (tax included)

One of our highlights is the assortment of original macarons using Japanese ingredients. The package design is inspired by traditional Japanese art pieces such as “Fine Wind, Clear Morning” by Katsushika Hokusai, which is a perfect fit for gifting.

Central Japan International Airport Exclusive Soft Serve

[In-store Dining] 880 yen (including tax)
[Takeout] 864 yen (including tax)

A rich azuki soft serve topped with crispy meringue, white chocolate, and Nishio City's matcha powder. The full-bodied flavor of azuki spreads throughout your mouth.

Dressing (Tomato, carrot, ginger)

(Tomato, carrot, ginger)

756 yen each (tax included)

Under the concept of “Eat vegetables with vegetables”, this handmade vegetable-based dressing uses pesticide-free veggies from local farmers for the safe and eco-friendly quality. 85% of the raw vegetables are from Kochi prefecture.

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Business Hours Monday to Thursday 8:00~20:00
Friday to Sunday 8:00~21:00
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Location Terminal 1, 3rd floor Departures lobby