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Alice Dining (French Cuisine/Japanese Cuisine)

Enjoy a Special Time
at a First-Class Location

No other restaurant in Japan is located so close to an airport runway. Enormous windows spanning from floor to ceiling provide a wonderful view of the bay and the airplanes while you enjoy the awe-inspiring culinary treasures produced by Yutaka Ishinabe, a highly influential chef in the Japanese world of French cuisine.

A fusion of traditional and novel:
Queen Alice French dining

Queen Alice is a French restaurant unique to the Nagoya area where one can enjoy the taste of French cuisine produced by chef Yutaka Ishinabe, one of Japan’s top French chefs. Come and have a leisurely time at this restaurant that serves staple dishes representing orthodox French cuisine, but are each embellished with delightful surprises by chef Ishinabe.

Queen Alice Menu

  • Casual Lunch 2,800yen and up (tax and service charge incl.)
  • Dessert Platters 1,650 yen (tax and service charge incl.)
  • Basic Dinner 5,000 yen and up (tax and service charge incl.)
  • Special Dinner 11,000 yen and up (tax and service charge incl.)

Private Rooms and Facility Rentals

Getting a Private Room

Alice Dining provides private rooms (VIP rooms) for use by up to eight guests. Different reservation options are available according to your purpose, from our “meeting plan” for holding important business meetings, to our anniversary plan and other special plans.
Please contact Alice Dining staff for more information on our private rooms and reservation options.

Groups and Facility Rentals

Have lunch while watching airplanes soar across the sky. Hold a party while watching airplanes bathed in runway lights. Our facilities can be used for a wide variety of events while guests enjoy the scenery beyond the windows. Events ranging from small groups of around 15 friends to large events of 100 or more people can be accommodated. Our facilities can handle practically any situation.
Please contact Alice Dining staff for more information on groups and facility rentals.


The Sky Deck Route

Central Japan International Airport’s Sky Deck lets you get closer to the airplanes than anywhere else in Japan. The aeronautical ground lights studding the runway at night create an air of fantasy. This is a route one can enjoy taking at any time of the day.

The Center Pier Garden Route

Center Pier Garden hosts permanent exhibits. This is a route along which one can enjoy a variety of galleries, including quilt art that was such a sensation at the Aichi Expo.

Reservations and Inquiries

Our restaurants are sometimes full due to reservations by guests, so we recommend making a reservation in advance. Please contact the staff of Alice Dining for more detailed information regarding our menu, services, and reservation options.

All of us sincerely look forward to having you come by!

* Please be aware that we sometimes charge a cancellation fee for sudden cancellations involving special arrangements (cakes, flowers, etc.) and reservations for 15 or more people.

Telephone Numbers for Reservations and Inquiries

Dining at Our Restaurants

We accept reservations by phone for any time up to the end of the following month.

Alice Dining
(French Cuisine Queen Alice)

Tel.: +81-569-38-7866

Hours of operation 10:00 - 20:00; Closed Wednesdays (excluding public holidays)

Reservations and Inquiries Regarding Groups and Facility Rentals

We accept group reservations (for 15 to 49 people) by phone up to three months in advance.
We accept group reservations for 50 or more people and facility rental requests from six months to one year in advance.

Alice Dining Group Reservations:

Tel.: +81-569-38-7099

Hours of operation 10:00 - 18:00; Closed Wednesdays (excluding public holidays)