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Duty-Free Shops

One of the joys of traveling abroad is shopping for duty-free goods. Once you pass through Immigration, you arrive at the duty-free area of Central Japan International Airport. The stores here include boutiques with famous global brands, cosmetics and fashion stores, and specialty stores with liquor and cigarettes. Spend an enjoyable time shopping until your departure.

Get the best deals at Central Japan International Airport's Duty Free Shop!

The duty free shops in town are only “tax-free” stores that exempt you from paying sales tax. However, the Duty Free Shop located past the immigration checkpoint at Central Japan International Airport is a true duty-free shop with prices that do not include customs, alcohol tax, or sales tax. That’s why much of its merchandise is 20-30% cheaper than the domestic prices. There are also no annoying procedures to bother with, so we hope you’ll visit!

Floor Map

Cosmetics and Apparel

We carry a variety of sundries and small items, with a focus on cosmetics. We also carry products for men.

Boutiques and Watches

Several boutiques carrying global brand names are located here. Shops found here include the specialty stores of Hermès, Bulgari, Ferragamo, Tiffany, Omega, Estée Lauder, Clinique, and La Mer, and we have a watch store boasting a wide lineup of imported and Japanese watches.

Liquor and Cigarettes

We carry all kinds of liquor, from well-known Western brands to sake and shochu, as well as a wide lineup of Japanese and foreign cigarette brands.

Deli & Café

Motivated with the goal of providing more delicious food more quickly, this café offers dishes with liberal helpings of seasonal vegetables loaded onto one plate or into one bowl. This is the only restaurant in the International Departures Area where visitors can enjoy light meals.


This store is a handy place to visit right before your flight, much like a convenience store. Come here for products that will come in handy in various situations overseas, including items made in Japan that you might need wherever you’re going.


The Minamikan area includes Neo Japan, which carries Japanese gifts and souvenirs; MUJI to GO, a streamlined shop with select MUJI items for travel, business, study, and play; Air BIC CAMERA, which carries electronics; and Amano, which carries a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and travel-related items.

Center Pier Shop

This shop carries liquor, cigarettes, and gifts. Stop by to purchase any gifts you may have forgotten to get after you reach your boarding gate (gates 12 to 18).

*The International Departures Gate Area, where our duty-free shops are located, also includes a currency exchange, a Starbucks Coffee, massage chairs, and more.

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