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Ippodo Tea Co.


Specialist Purveyor of Japanese Teas for Nearly 300 Years

Ippodo began as a store trading in teas, tea utensils, and porcelain established near the very center of Kyoto by Ihei Watanabe during the shogunate in 1717. Around 160 years ago, it received the name of "Ippodo" from an imperial patron.

A Specialist's Uncompromising Commitment

Ippodo sells fine Kyoto-area teas known for their distinctive delicate aroma, elegant sweetness, and mellow flavor. Tea is a natural product, and the taste of tea leaves grown on the same land can changes from year to year due to fluctuations in temperature, sunlight, and rainfall. To bring tea drinkers consistent flavor year after year, Ippodo blends and sells carefully selected varieties of tea leaves.

Moving on to the Global Stage

In 2010, Ippodo opened its Tokyo Marunouchi store, the company's first street-front store apart from the main Kyoto store. This was followed in 2013 by the launch of the firm's first overseas store, Ippodo Tea, New York, bringing the taste of Japanese tea and the rich and fascinating history of tea to the world.

Ippodo's current location in the heart of Kyoto

Ippodo Tea, New York, on East 39th Street