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Ippodo Tea Co.


Japanese green tea – a wonderful gift for maintaining
good health and conveying Japanese culture and tradition

Dr. Eleanor Robinson-Yamaguchi, Aichi Prefectural University (15 years in Japan)

I like Japanese green tea for its relaxing qualities. Living in Kyoto I had many opportunities to enjoy matcha, and at such times, I truly felt like I was experiencing Japanese culture.

Japanese green tea makes a wonderful gift because it's excellent for maintaining good health and gives you a real sense of Japanese culture and tradition.

With Ippodo you know you're getting a high quality product. Kyoto is famous for its green tea and Ippodo has hundreds of years of history, and has been a tremendously well-known name in Japanese green tea since the Edo period.

Dr. Eleanor Robinson-Yamaguchi

Born in Birkenhead, England, UK, and resident in Japan since the 1990s, having lived and studied in Aomori, Kyoto, and Nagoya. Faculty member in the Department of British and American Studies, British culture, UK-Japan Relations.

Dr. Robinson-Yamaguchi’s Recommendation

"This is a great matcha starter set because everything you need to enjoy an excellent cup of matcha tea is there. The packaging it comes in is also quite beautiful."
– Dr. Robinson-Yamaguchi

Hajime-no-Ippodo Matcha Starter Kit with Ikuyo-no-mukashi (40g Can)

This Matcha Starter Kit comes with matcha (powdered green tea), utensils (made in Japan), a leaflet, and an Ippodo tea cloth — all that‘s necessary to make matcha. Just add hot water!