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Airport Limousine Bus Tickets Available

Credit cards can also be used at this office although only cash is accepted at the bus stop.

The limousine bus is the best means of transportation for those who are unfamiliar with traffic network of Nagoya and have large baggage. The bus goes directly to Sakae, a downtown in Nagoya. The route covers Sakae and Fushimi areas, where many hotels for tourists are located, and terminates at Meitetsu Nagoya Station.
This bus is convenient for people going to hotels from the airport, people going to Sakae for shopping and people traveling to Takayama or Kanazawa from Nagoya Station Meitetsu Bus Center.
Tickets can be purchased at the bus stop, but in cash only. If you wish to use a credit card to pay for the bus fare, it is convenient to purchase the ticket at this office. Since the bus stop is located at a hard-to-find location, our staff will politely guide you to get there.

The bus goes directly to Sakae area, where a large number of hotels are situated, eliminating concerns about large baggage or unfamiliar troublesome transfers.

One-way fare (Flat fee in all sections)
Adults 1,200 yen
Children 600 yen (Reservations not required)